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We manufacture high quality foil liners to contain, protect and transport a wide variety of bulk products.  We supply large format bespoke foil bags  for the export packing sector and a range of standard flat foil bags.  Established in 2009, based in Dunfermline, our expertise offers the most efficient solutions for maximum protection and containment of products.

warning chemical wasteWe manufacture in a controlled environment, with in-line testing to the highest standards.  Our design and manufacturing services offer our clients specialist conversion of material grades for the containment of dried goods, powder products, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Our foil bags provide reliable and cost effective protection against external contaminations, avoiding exposure and damage to your products during the production and transportation cycles.  Our bags prevent contamination risks by providing a robust barrier against environmental harms such as:

Our technology meets the requirements for a multitude of material gauges and widths to meet your specifications. Fitments are selected to best suit the demands of your specific product. Our bags are manufactured and tested to the highest standards.


Our bags are suitable for a range of products requiring moisture barrier packaging, corrosion packaging or corrosion inhibitor. We work with a number of export packers/contract packers and provide packaging consumables for example blue case liner, desiccant and tip and tail.



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